‘We’re not supposed to keep secrets in here’, update #DebraProject with @ToTheMoonUK


‘We’re not supposed to keep secrets in here, so I’ll tell you … This might sound a bit strange but you’re in here too so I expect you’re used to strange … There’s a monster, living underneath my bed.’ –quote from my script The Debra Project

Since our workshop last year, which revealed many things, including why a shadowy hand is sometimes better than a monologue (see my blog post on that here), I’ve finished a new draft of the script and in several meetings with director Sharon Burrell, we’ve decided to take this project in a very exciting direction.

Sharon has been working with You Are Already Dead at Camden People’s Theatre creating a digital installation Glitter and Smoke with Performance artist Natalie Wearden see the video here:

This has lead us to look at The Debra Project in a very different way and rather than the usual writer director relationship this is going to be more of a collaboration between us to test the boundaries of text-based practice in the communication of psychological experience:

Inspired by shared experiences of clinical and cognitive depression, the Project asks whether the experience of depression and the therapeutic process can be recreated through multi-disciplinary artistic expression to enable better understanding.   The Project will reflect the fragmentary nature of the source material through its “collage” form – the work being structured from a number of decentralised narratives each in different locations and different art forms over a period of time.

Look out for further updates coming soon!

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