Godless Monsters

‘I place before you the head of my godless enemies. They have tormented me and hated me ever since I wanted to go my own way’ (Extract)

In an intimate exploration of ambition, corruption and religious zealotry, Godless Monsters looks at the power of belief in the face of betrayal.

When their lives start to crumble Gray and Esther turn to Christianity in the hope that God will take all the bad things away. As they’re drawn further into the church their secrets unravel, caught in a battle of ambition and desire where only one can win.

Most recently, an extract of this play was shown at Omnibus in Clapham. Read Omnibus’ interview with me about the project here.

Since the showing I have been further developing the script and am now working with director Sharon Burrell on a full production. More info to come soon.

Godless Monsters development journey

On retreat

20140628_145106I initially worked with Jennifer Lunn at Culturcated Theatre Company to develop the script and in July 2014 I was awarded a 2 week writing residency by The Expansionists at 57a to further develop the play. Culturcated ran two days of rehearsal room development as part of this.
Take a look at my retreat blog entries here:

Retreat Blog entry 1 Retreat Blog entry 2 Retreat Blog entry 3

Initial showings

Godless Monsters Eflyer

The play received initial showings at New Diorama Theatre in March 2015 and at the King’s Head Theatre as part of their Without Décor programme in April & May 2015, presented by Piqued Productions. Read my blog entry from rehearsals here.

We received a 4 star review from the showings at New Diorama Theatre:

‘Avery’s tale has a lot of interesting points to make about the way people use religion to get what they want, using a veneer of virtue and morality to hide their true purpose.’ Read the full review from The Public Reviews here.


Omniwrite-Logo-New_v2I’m now working with Sharon Burrell (Artistic Director of To The Moon) as dramaturg and director to develop my ideas and completely rewrite the play. An extract of next draft was shown at Omnibus in Clapham on 15th April 2016. Take a look Omnibus’ interview with me about the project here.



The Debra Project

“We’re not supposed to keep secrets in here, so I’ll tell you … This might sound a bit strange but you’re in here too so I expect you’re used to strange … There’s a monster, living underneath my bed.”

The Debra Project is a collaboration between me and director Sharon Burrell at To The Moon to test the boundaries of text-based practice in the communication of psychological experience. Inspired by shared experiences of clinical and cognitive depression, the Project asks whether the experience of depression and the therapeutic process can be recreated through multi-disciplinary artistic expression to enable better understanding. The Project will reflect the fragmentary nature of the source material through its “collage” form – the work being structured from a number of decentralised narratives each in different locations and different art forms over a period of time.

We had our first workshops with the creative team in November 2014. Click here to see how they went. I also worked on this project during my residency at 57a. We are continuing to develop the project and more details will be announced soon!

During my writing process we’ve also shared a Pinterst board on our ideas as they’ve developed. Check out the board here to see where we’re heading.


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