Quotes from collaborators

I love how theatre is a collaborative art form and I see my scripts as maps, that if written and performed well, get everyone including the audience to where they should be.

Some of the directors I’ve worked with have very kindly given me testimonials on my work and what it’s like to work with me:

through_the_rain‘Lucy Avery’s work is untamed, imaginative, surreal, visual, a thought-provoking creative adventure’. Cecily Boys, artistic director of  Old Bomb Theatre Company, director of I hope we make it through the rain, staged reading at Theatre503.


image1‘Lucy goes into the darkest places of our thoughts and obsessions but never exploits them for the sake of sensationalism, preferring instead to create empathetic characters with strengths and vulnerabilities which contribute an explanation of their ‘faults’. She is a brilliant collaborator in workshops, a supportive energy for the performers and director and communicates her feedback with great clarity and thought.’ Sharon Burrell, artistic director of To The Moon Theatre, on workshopping Collecting Butterflies.

the_birdcatcher‘Lucy’s writing explores important and often ignored ideas and pushes us to answer difficult and complex questions about society and its constructs. Her exploitation of magical realism brings a heightened sense of theatricality to very difficult subject matters making them both beautiful and accessible to audiences.

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucy on two of her plays and it has always been an exciting and very engaging experience as she is always open to responses and questions around her work as it develops. Her training as a theatre maker makes her a wonderful collaborator in this sense and, whilst maintaining a strong sense of her style and ideas, she is ready to develop the projects in whichever ways serve the development of a challenging and visceral narrative.’ Jennifer Lunn, artistic director of Culturcated Theatre Company, director of the 1st scene of The Birdcatcher, staged at Brockley Jack Studio Theatre and script development on The Birdcatcher and Godless Monsters.


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