The future is mine


The more and more I write the more it feels like creating collage rather than writing a story. When I was first writing plays I wrote them from beginning to end, but now, yes, I start working on the central thrust as a forward narrative but along the the way I may write an ending scene before I’ve got to that point in the plot and so I slowly amount a collection of scenes that reveal the story.


This is exactly how I approached my writing during my subsidised self-funded residency at Cove Park. It’s a beautiful freeing space where they just let you get on with whatever project you’re working on however you want to work on it. There’s a main house which has internet, but you’re left to follow your own working pattern undisturbed with only the flora and fauna to keep you company. (My accommodation and working space was the middle unit above).

Here are a couple pictures of my visitors during my 10 days:

Take a look at my Instagram profile for my photo diary from this retreat here.

Polly Stenham describes writing a play as creating ‘a backward explosion’, and once I had my fuse, my bomb and my debris, I was able to successfully create a full draft of the new play I was stuck on all last year!

I could say the future is mine now, but I’d be taking words out of my characters mouths. I haven’t looked at my draft since I got back but I can feel the fire of a new play bristling through me. Watch this space for updates on my progress.

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