Getting a bit of fresh air to my brain…

I didn’t reach as many goals as I wanted to last year. As I mentioned in my last blog post I was stuck in the ice-lock for about 6 months unable to write anything. This year however I’m starting off with a bit of time out so I can get some fresh air to my brain and work on ideas I’ve got for a new piece.

I’ve been accepted on to one of the subsidised self-funded residencies that Cove Park are running where I’ll have 10 whole days to just write. I’m getting myself together to work on my new ideas at the moment. I’m finding inspiration from some articles I’ve been reading about how women are being portrayed in popular culture, and the complexity of the power struggles they find themselves in… I’m not putting pen to paper until I get up there so lets just see what I come back with!

I’ll be sharing pictures of my retreat on instagram so follow me there @LucyAveryWrites to see how it’s going. And of course I’ll be blogging next month when I’m back to let you know how I’ve got on.


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