Today I’m off to Devoted and Disgruntled #DandD10

Paula Rego by John McEwen

Paula Rego by John McEwen

Today I’m off to Devoted and Disgruntled 2015, a theatre conference or network where you spend the weekend talking about theatre and meeting other like minded people which is held in Open Space in York Hall in East London.

It’s a very special event as the content is totally led by the participants and anything can be discussed, from how do we make theatre greener? To, has anyone got any tips for this project I’m working on? Last year was quite significant for me as I led a session asking for help on how to position my work in the theatre market called Does anyone like Dark Plays? That led to my making this website and also making connections with networks where I’ve met collaborators for my projects in development.

It’s also a great place for thinking about what you want this year from yourself and your creativity. I received this book (pictured above) on artist Paula Rego in a session I attended last year, and a part from the images inside directly inspiring The Debra Project, the image on the front cover has constantly been in my mind:

It looks like a woman howling a call, not dissimilar to the position a dog may take when howling. It’s reminded me that when writing alone at your desk it may feel like you’re sitting howling out your own problems over the page, but actually there are networks of people who feel the same and find value in what you do because you’re talking about a culture we’re all living in. You don’t need to hide from your audience.

So today and tomorrow I’ll be away from my desk connecting with my theatre community and making some plans for this year, as it’s never too make goals for your work. And more importantly, it’s never too late to make friends.

If you’re going I look forward to seeing you there!

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