Surely the best rehearsal space ever?


So we spent Tuesday morning on the beach working on bringing the first 4 scenes of my full length (2 act) play into one and it worked really well. They had always felt like 2 sets of beginning scenes (if that makes sense) and they were very easy to splice together via a split stage. As one character in Africa speaks to a person the audience can’t see, the other character in London is listening to what someone is saying to them (who also isn’t seen by the audience) and visa versa. It was lovely and warm and there were no noisy seagulls in sight so it also felt like a bit of a treat while we worked.

The afternoon included working on the beginning of the second act -which worked really well- and then we went back to the first act to find out what wasn’t working in another scene… All in all we did a good lot of work in a short space of time and now I just need to type up the amends, write a speech for one of the characters who didn’t have one, and then it’ll be ready for rehearsal! So if you know anyone interested in a play that involves goats, God and an exploration of how a disenfranchised woman can gain power let me know 🙂

Since then I’ve been working on the Debra Project: relooking at the journals that are inspiring the play and what the story is trying to say/explore. I’ve nearly finished my first draft (!) and have just over 30 mins which I’ll be ready to share with the director which we’ll be able to start developing and workshopping from. The White Rabbit is still in it, but some how butterflies and lightening seem to convey the message and metaphor of the piece more clearly… There’s a bit of singing and dancing too as the monster under the bed tries to battle it out with the main character for her soul… well that’s the story so far. Take a look at the Pinterest board for more images we’ve been uploading as thoughts have expanded over the week.

I’ve got 2 more days in residency here and then I’m back to London! I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. It’s felt like a very special time to really engage with my process and my ideas and what really interests me in my writing. I’ve actually found a new part to my process: voice recording the actors as they either read or act (after we’ve rehearsed) a scene and I’ll be playing these back to ensure I’ve got my amends right… If you write, try it. I can’t listen to my own voice but recording the actors and listening back has really helped -it’s a way of hearing the text without being involved in it so you can really hear what works and what doesn’t.

Anyway, I’ve still got some work to do on The Debra Project but I plan to have some time off tomorrow before I head back to the busy city on Sunday. It’s not quite such a lovely day here, weatherwise, but I’ve had another productive day workwise.

I hope it’s sunny wherever you are.

From an inspiring 57a.

Lucy x

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