My work is inspired by current events and emotional, personal stories. I like to explore the myths that surround us everyday and encounters at the edge of human behaviour.

The Birdcatcher

the_birdcatcherLike a modern Grimm’s Fairytale with a nod to a Beauty suffering from Stockholm Syndrome bound to her abusive Beast, Kirsten is caught in a sickening and inseparable relationship. Will she ever escape? Her lover Randall knows better than anyone that nightmares don’t come from nowhere, and her request to leave takes them back to the beginning of everything.

Developed from a scene performed at Brockley Jack Studio Theatre and another scene performed at Theatre503, produced by London Playwrights’ Collective, The Birdcatcher is now a journey through time and a story about the making of the stranger in the park.

Cast: 1 male, 3 female, approx. 40 minutes

The first scene was published in BRAND Literary Magazine, click here to read the beginning of this flight through the shadows.

This Is How I Lost My Memory


‘Sing to me then the song of my life…’

Ina and Uma are hiding in the attic as their memories fall away like autumn leaves. But where are the leaves actually coming from? Who’s chasing them? And why is the bomb the only lasting memory they have?

Developed from my experience of witnessing my grandmother have Alzheimer’s, this is a lyrical, emotional exploration of how it might feel to have Dementia:

‘Sing to me then the song of my life

So I may know it or hear it sound on the breeze,
The chattering leaves and poppies may dance to its rhyme and rhythm.
I know not what it is.
I have no sense of its time.
My mind keeps me present throughout our dance
As feet follow feet with hand and hip.’

Read at Lorem Ipsum Gallery and performed at Camden People’s Theatre as part of the Apocryphal Festival I & II.

Cast: 2 female, approx. 30 minutes.


dawn‘The grieving don’t forget, they never stop, they just bide their time… Your name’s etched on my heart.’

Stella’s come to Ibiza to avenge her sister’s death, but when she finds Jon-Rob, the man she’s been searching for, his honesty unravels the revenge fantasy that’s kept her alive all these years.

Written and performed as a Rapid Write Response to Theatre503’s house show The Life of Stuff by Simon Donald, Theatre503

Cast: 1 male, 1 female, approx. 10 minutes.

Crazy Bitch

crazy_bitchAfter the funeral of their friend, Gemma tells Kelly that she’s leaving too, tomorrow. They meet on the beach for a final farewell, but can Gemma leave with her secret intact?

A look at the friendships we make growing up, and the moment we get too big for the home we’ve known.

Written and performed as a Rapid Write Response to Theatre503’s house show Wild Horses by Nimer Rashed, Theatre503.

Cast: 2 female, approx. 10 minutes

I hope we make it through the rain

through_the_rainJulie had everything she thought she wanted, but then the Tsunami hit and ghosts are all she has left. Can they let her go? Can she forgive herself for committing the most heinous crime a mother can imagine?

A meditation on guilt and the place of women in the 21st century.

Staged reading at Theatre503, part of a platform produced by London Playwrights’ Collective.

Cast: 1 male, 2 female, approx. 10 minutes

The Last Request

the_last_requestDon’t the dead know everything?
Man and Woman are caught in a recurring dream where the memory of the lover they shared becomes their battleground. Who will win? Which relationship will matter the most?

A study of desire and betrayal, and the moment when three’s a crowd.

Cast: 1 male, 1 female, approx. 10 minutes

Published in BRAND Literary Magazine.


2 Responses to Plays

  1. Julia Arman says:

    I would love to read some of your work Lucy, the tasters above are very intriguing!

    • Hi Julia! Thanks so much for taking a look at the site. Email me via the contact form on the site and let me know which piece you’d be interested in reading. I’ve also just finished a full length piece if you’re interested in that. Let me know. Lucy x

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