butterflyCollecting Butterflies

“We’re not supposed to keep secrets in here, so I’ll tell you… There’s a monster living underneath my bed.” (Extract)

Rach suffers from depression. Currently living in a medical facility, she dreams of recovery and living independently. Her sister Em calls to tell her their father is fatally ill in hospital, and he’s asking to see her. Will she go?

This request plummets Rach further into her nightmares. Can she beat them and visit her father?
If she does will it help or hinder her recovery?

With a mind that’s already fractured, and her goal of recovery growing further and further away, this is the story of Rach’s attempt to finally kill the monster living under her bed.

Originally developed on retreat at 57a, and workshopped with To The Moon, with thanks to Sharon Burrell and the actors who have helped develop the script.

I’m now looking for opportunities to present the play in performance.
Contact me to read the script.


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